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Главный редактор: И.С. Прохоров, к.с.-х.н.

Редакция: И.И. Прохорова (директор), М.А. Королькова, Н.В. Куроптева

Редколлегия: А.И. Беленков, д.с.-х.н., С.Л. Белопухов, д.с.-х.н., Н.М. Белоус, д.с.-х.н., Н.В. Войтович, д.с.-х.н., Л.А. Дорожкина, д.с.-х.н., А.А. Завалин, д.с.-х.н., А.Л. Иванов, д.б.н., Л.В. Кирейчева, д.т.н., Н.В. Клебанович, д.с.-х.н. (Беларусь), А.В. Кураков, д.б.н., С.В. Лукин, д.с.-х.н., С.М. Лукин, д.б.н., С.М. Надежкин, д.б.н., М.М. Овчаренко, д.с.-х.н., А.В. Пасынков, д.б.н., Т.Ф. Персикова, д.с.-х.н. (Беларусь), А.А. Плотников, к.с.-х.н., О.А. Подколзин, д.с.-х.н., Н.И. Санжарова, д.б.н., В.М. Семенов, д.б.н., В.И. Титова, д.с.-х.н.

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From zonal agrochemical laboratories to state project-scientific stations and centers of agrochemical service

Condition of soil fertility of the arable land of Republic of Khakassia and steps to improve it

There was made the analysis of soil fertility in 46 years considering the principle agrochemical indicators. There were noticed insufficient supplies with mobile phosphorus, nitrate nitrogen, and microelements in arable soil as well as the need of their stock replenishment at the expense of local raw material resources. There are also given some recommendations to agricultural producers.

Keywords: agrochemical examination, soil fertility, microelements, heavy metals, phosphoritic flour, siderates.

Potassium procedure of chernozem soils and efficiency of potash fertilizers

On the basis of the solid agrochemical soil survey for the years 1964-2009 studied the dynamics of the average content of mobile forms of potassium in the black earth of arable Belgorod region. Found that the region 1976-2009 weighted average content of mobile forms of potassium was quite stable (120-130 mg/kg), despite the fact that the intensity of the economic value of the balance of this element varies widely 32,1-115,5%. The results of short-term field experiment to optimize the mineral nutrition of sugar beet. Found that at low supply chernozem typical mobile forms of phosphorus and increased availability of mobile forms of potassium, the maximum sugar yield is achieved with a dose of N140P230K240. Potash fertilizer in the dose range from 0 to 240 kg/ha linearly increased sugar output is.

Keywords: chernozem, potassium procedure, potassium balance, potash fertilizers.

Monitoring of winter crops nitrogen nutrition in economies of Lipetsk region

The necessity of soil, leaf and tissue diagnostics on of winter crops for rational use of nitrogen fertilizers was discussed.

Keywords: monitoring, nitrogen nutrition, diagnostic, top-dressing.

Microelements content and balance in soils of Bashkortostan Republic

As a result of agrochemical monitoring of arable soils in the Bashkortostan Republic there was established certain shortage of zinc in all soil types, meanwhile there was also determined a low level of manganese and copper in chernozem soil. There were carried out field experiments which helped show the possibilities to restore the content of microelements in soil.

Keywords: arable soils, microelements, balance, manure, siderates.


Influence of biotechnological product Agroactive on the «soil – plant» system in experiment with corn plant

The study explores the results of Agroactive biotechnological product application. In the conditions of acid rain Agroactive product has substantially improved the soil-biotic complex when growing corn on heavily degraded chernozem soil: the performance indicators of soil enzymatic activity have enhanced, accumulation of essential chemical elements has also increased while toxic elements accumulation in corn grain has decreased. All these factors allow us to consider the perspective application of bioproduct Agroactive.

Keywords: bioproduct, chemical elements, soil, enzymatic activity, corn.

Influence of mineral fertilizers and Filazonit MC biodestructor on phosphorous nutrition of dining potatoes plants

The article presents the findings on studies of mineral fertilizers impact and that of different doses of Philazonite MC biodestructor on the dynamics of phosphorus content in table potato plants. It was established that the use of biodestructor helped improve the production quality.

Keywords: phosphorus, fertilizers, biodestructor, table potato

Influence of EDTA on metals behavior in the substrate and it’s accumulation by plants

Chelating agent EDTA was applied to the substrate, composed on the basis of sewage sludge, under the plants. It is revealed, that EDTA has high stability in the substrate, increased bioavailability of zinc and copper and their accumulation by plants. By the end of experiment the antagonism phenomenon between ions of zinc and copper is registered due to partial destruction of metal-EDTA complexes.

Keywords: sewage sludge, substrate, heavy metals, EDTA, phytoremediation.

Influence of seed treatment by microelements on the spring cereals yield under drought conditions

The results of pot experiments of the protective effect of selenium, silicon and zinc to increasing soil drought are shown for cultivars of spring wheat and spring triticale.

Keywords: soil drought; selenium; silicon; zinc; wheat; triticale; productivity; pot experiment.

Influence of mutual use of straw and microbiological agents on biological activity of sod-podzolic sandy loamy soil

There is being studied the aspect of organic substance replenishment in sod-podzolic soil under the combined use of straw and microbiological agents. There was established the activization of mineralization processes in after-harvesting cereals remains, the affect on soil microflora development and yield.

Keywords: straw, microbiological agents, organic fertilizers, sod-podzolic sandy loamy soil, CO2 emission, the number of physiological microorganic groups, yield.


The improved method for definition of organic matter in soil

The comparative analysis of methods of definition of organic substance is carried out in various types of soils – chernozem, gray forest, solonetz. It is shown that decrease in concentration of peroxide of hydrogen from 15 to 6% has no considerable impact on the accuracy of results, and the method of burning of organic substance at 450°C gives is more suitable for the analysis of chernozem, soils and soil with the high content of organic substance.

Keywords: soil, organic matter, methods of determining, humus.


Influence of fertilizers on potato harvest in dependence of nutrition content at sod-podzolic soil

In this work we have studied the influence of the major agrochemical properties of sod-podzolic soils on the efficiency of nitrogen fertilizers applied to potatoes. We have found that with increasing content of mobile phosphorus and potassium in the soils yield increased by applying nitrogen fertilizers. The obtained results allow us to use them for a differentiated use of nitrogen fertilizer for potatoes to view the content of essential nutrients in the soil.

Keywords: sod-podzolic soils, nitrogen fertilizers, potato, available form of phosphorous and potassium, available nitrogen.

Productive potential of barley varieties in dependence of nitrogen nutrition availability in draught conditions

Reaction of spring barley varieties on improving the nitrogen nutrition in abiotic stress was studied. It was obtained that the differences in the content of chlorophyll pigment and speed of absorption of nitrogen determine productivity of the varieties.

Keywords: variety of spring barley, water stress, chlorophyll pigment, nitrogen supply, productivity.

Influence of fertilizer system on harvest and quality of winter rye grain

Results of researches are given in the long-lived field experiment. Influence of systems of fertilizer on increase of efficiency of a winter rye is revealed. Increasing doses of mineral fertilizers promoted slight body height of protein content in grain of a winter rye. The grain received on control option and options with low level of a mineral delivery was more puny and was characterized by higher content of fat. The inverse tendency in comparison with the maintenance of Amylum was observed. The specific activity of grain of a winter rye decreased in process of improvement of conditions of a mineral delivery of plants.

Keywords: soil, fertilizer, winter rye, quality parameters, 137Cs.