Scientific-practical journal «Agrochemical Herald» (Agrokhimicheskiy vestnik) is publishing since 1929 and has changed title several times («Fertilizer and Harvest» (Udobrenie i Urozhay), «Chemization of the Socialistic Agriculture» (Khimizatsiya Socialisticheskogo Zemledeliya), «Chemization of Agriculture» (Khimizatsiya Sel’skogo Khozyaystva), «Chemistry in Agriculture» (Khimiya v Sel’skom Khozyaystve), but saved main publication direction and task – scientifically based application of fertilizers for preservation and improvement of soil fertility and increase of agricultural crops yield.

Constitutors of journal «Agrochemical Herald»:

  • Ministry for Agriculture of the Russian Federation
  • Autonomous Non-commercial Organization «Editorial Office «Chemistry in Agriculture»

Journal registered by Ministry for Press and Information of the Russian Federation.

Authority 27.04.1997 № 011095.

Editor-in-chief – PhD. Prokhorov Ilya S.

Journal publishes articles by famous scientists in the field of Agrochemistry, Soil Science, Ecology, Agronomy, and also describes activity of the State Agrochemical Service of the Russian Federation in various regions.

Correspondence address:

65-1-50, Shabolovka st., 115419, Moscow, Russian Federation, for Prokhorova Irina I.
Tel/fax: +7 (495) 952-76-25

«Agrochemical Herald» journal for a long time (since 1929) plays the role of a timely and necessary link in solving the problems of the theory and practice of the use of agrochemical means to increase soil fertility and to obtain high yields. Founded by the Committee for the Chemicalization of the National Economy under the Soviet of Public Commissars of the USSR and the Scientific Institute for Fertilizers of the NSU of the Supreme Economic Council of the USSR in 1929 under the name «Fertilizer and Harvest», it repeatedly changed it’s name: «Chemicalization of Socialist Agriculture» (1932-1941), «Fertilizers and Harvest» (1953-1964), «Chemistry in Agriculture» (1964-1988), «Chemicalization of Agriculture» (1985-1992), «Chemistry in Agriculture» (1993-1996), «Agrochemical Herald» (since 1997). Separate sections grew into special periodicals. Thus, in 1932, the column «Chemicals for the Control of Pests and Plant Diseases» marked the beginning of the publication of the journal «For the Protection of the Socialist Harvest» (nowadays «Plant Protection and Quarantine» journal). In the life of the Editorial board there were also difficult periods connected with the history of the country (World War II and the post-war years), when the journal was not published, but the need for it revived it in new and interesting forms.

The founders of the journal and members of the Editorial board for many years were Academicians of the USSR Academy of Sciences (E.V. Britske, A.N. Volfkovich, K.K. Gedroits and D.N. Pryanishnikov), Academicians of the Academy of Agricultural Sciences (P.A. Baranov, M.V. Katalymov, O.K. Kedrov-Zikhman, V.M. Klechkovsky, N.S. Avdonin, V.F. Ladonin, V.G. Mineev, D.A. Korenkov, K.V. Novozhilov, B.A. Yagodin). The modern composition of the Editorial board >>>

During the years of significant growth in the use of agrochemical means, the role of the journal became even more active, its structural changes took place, and its subject matter expanded significantly, especially in connection with the creation of the State Agrochemical Service consisting of 110 zonal agrochemical laboratories and a number of research institutes. On the pages of the journal, as well as in its special issues, studies and ways of solving environmental problems are publishing, including on liquidation of the consequences of the Chernobyl accident and agricultural production in the conditions of radioactive contamination of the soil. At the same time, the journal became an important link in raising the level and qualification of scientists and graduate students, on whose pages the results of their research are constantly published.

The dynamic development of the journal abruptly broke off in 1992, soon after the collapse of the USSR. A number of unaccustomed organizational and economic problems collapsed on the Editorial office in connection with Russia's transition to market relations. Literally on the enthusiasm of the team, it was possible to continue the issue of the journal: from the monthly it was necessary to make it out 6 times a year, but its structure and appearance changed, the development of modern printing technologies began. All this allowed, in spite of the enormous difficulties, to issue a magazine consistently and at a good level.

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Today, many publications have appeared that duplicate the subject of the journal, but the authority of the «Agrochemical Herald» and its significance do not lose their role in the scientific world. There is no such scientific conference or symposium on agrochemistry and ecology, information about which would not have been published in a journal.

Thus, «Agrochemical Herald» has been the flagship for over 90 years in covering and promoting the theory and practice of using agrochemical means for the reproduction and preservation of soil fertility, as well as for the training of scientific personnel.