About editor-in-chief

Over the years, the development of the journal depending on the political and economic situation in Russia was headed by scientists, journalists, administrative staff, the former party functionaries and scientific editors.

Currently, as the publisher of the journal is the Autonomous Non-commercial Organization «Editorial Office «Chemistry in Agriculture», the editor-in-chief taken on the job by Decision of members of its Management Board in agreement with the Editorial Board.

Since 2012 editor-in-chief was appointed Ilya S. Prokhorov, a graduate of Moscow Lomonosov State University, successfully defended in 2006 at the V.V. Dokuchaev Soil Science Institute a thesis on the topic:

Prokhorov Ilya S. – author of more than 30 scientific works, including 2 monographs, co-developer of programs and regulations of the Moscow City Government for the protection of urban soils, artificial soilgrounds quality control and improvement of landscaping and gardening work.

By June 2018, Russian Science Citation Index (RSCI), according to the site www.elibrary.ru Hirsch index is equal to 11.

Scientific interests – problems of Soil Science, Agrochemistry, Microbiology, Environmental Monitoring and Sustainable Development of Urban Areas and Agroecosystems. Prokhorov Ilya S. – a member of the Dokuchaev Society of Soil Science and Russian Geographical Society.

Currently, Ilya S. Prokhorov actively working at Information-Analytical centre for Protected Areas Support.

He took constant participation in all scientific, educational and exhibition events, cooperation with regional Scientific-Research Institutes for Agriculture, Centers and Stations of the State Agrochemical Service. On this basis, the Editorial Board fully trusts the young promising specialists work on the preparation and publication of the journal.