About Editorial Board

Currently members of the Editorial Board:

  • Belenkov A.I. - Dr.Sci. (Agriculture), professor, Soil Management and Field Research Methods of Agronomy and Biotechnology faculty of Russian Timiryazev State Agrarian University (RSAU-MTAA);
  • Belopukhov S.L. - Dr.Sci. (Agriculture), Ph.D. (Chemistry), professor, acting director of Agrobiotechnology institute of the Russian Timiryazev State Agrarian University (RSAU-MTAA);
  • Belous N.M. - Dr.Sci. (Agriculture), professor, Rector of Bryansk State Agrarian University;
  • Bortnik T.Yu. - Dr.Sci. (Agriculture), professor, head of Agrochemistry, Soil science and Chemistry department of Udmert State Agrarian University;
  • Dmitrevskaya I.I. - Dr.Sci., ass. professor, head of Chemistry department of Russian Timiryazev State Agrarian University (RSAU-MTAA);
  • Dorozhkina L.A. - Dr.Sci. (Agriculture), Deputy director of Autonomous Non-Commercial Organization «Nest-M»;
  • Zavalin A.A. - Academician RAS, Dr.Sci. (Agriculture), professor, Russian Academy of Sciences (Agricultural branch);
  • Zaitsev S.Yu. - professor, Dr.Sci. (Biology), Dr.Sci. (Chemistry), head of analytical biochemistry group of FRC for Animal Husbandry named after Academy member L.K. Ernst;
  • Ivanov A.L. - Academician RAS, Dr.Sci. (Biology), Director of V.V. Dokuchaev Soil Science Institute;
  • Kireycheva L.V. - Dr.Sci. (Technics), professor, Scientific tutor of melioration direction of ARSRI for Hydrotechnics and Melioration named after A.N. Kostyakov;
  • Kurakov A.V. - Dr.Sci. (Biology), professor, Head of Mycology and Algology department of Biological faculty of Moscow Lomonosov State University;
  • Lukin S.V. - Dr.Sci. (Agriculture), professor, Head of Agroecology department of Mining and Nature Use faculty of Belgorod National Research University, Director of State Center of Agrochemical Service «Belgorodskiy»;
  • Lukin S.M. - Dr.Sci. (Biology), professor, Vladimir State University named after Alexander and Nikolay Stoletovs, Director of All-Russian Scientific-Research Institute for organic fertilizers and peat;
  • Mustafaev M.G. - Dr.Sci., ass. professor, head of Soil Melioration department of Institute for Soil Science and Agrochemistry of the NAS Azerbaijan;
  • Nadezhkin S.M. - Dr.Sci. (Agriculture), professor, Deputy director of FRC of vegetable growing;
  • Ovcharenko M.M. - Dr.Sci. (Agriculture), professor, General director of NPO «Agrokhimsoyuz» Ltd.;
  • Pasynkov A.V. - Dr.Sci. (Biology), Main scientist of Agrochemistry and Agrolandscape department of the Leningrad SRI for Agriculture «Belogorka» - branch of the «Russian Potato Reseach Center»;
  • Persikova T.F. - Dr.Sci. (Agriculture), professor, Head of Soil Science department of Agroecological faculty of Belarusian State Academy of Agriculture;
  • Plotnikov A.A. - Ph.D. (Agriculture), vice-governor of the Kostroma region;
  • Podkolzin O.A. - Correspondence Member RAS, Dr.Sci. (Agriculture), professor, Head of Soil Science department of Agrochemistry and Plant Protection faculty of Kuban State Agrarian University, Director of State Center of Agrochemical Service «Krasnodarskiy»;
  • Prokhorov I.S. - Correspondence Member RAS, Ph.D. (Agriculture), editor-in-chief of journal;
  • Prokhorova I.I. - Director of Autonomous Non-Commercial Organization «Editorial Office «Chemistry in Agriculture» (publisher and constitutor of journal);
  • Ryspekov T. R. - Ph.D., assoc. professor, head of Soil science, Agrochemistry and Ecology department of Agrobiology institute of the Kazakh National Agrarian Research University;
  • Sanzharova N.I. - Correspondence Member RAS, Dr.Sci. (Biology), Scientific supervisor of the All-Russian Scientific-Research Institute for Radiology and Agroecology;
  • Semenov V. M. - Dr.Sci., chief researcher, Institute of Physical-Chemical and Biological Problems of Soil Science of the RAS;
  • Titova V.I. - Dr.Sci. (Agriculture), professor, Head of Agrochemistry and Agroecology Department of Soil Science, Agrochemistry and Agroecology faculty of Nizhniy Novgorod State Agricultural Academy;
  • Chekmarev P.A. - Academician RAS, Dr.Sci. (Agriculture), deputy president RAS, head of Comittee for Agro-industrial complex development of Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the RF;
  • Ergasheva O.Kh. - Ph.D., ass. professor of Soil Science department of Faculty of Biology of National University of Uzbekistan named after Mirzo Ulugbek;

Members of the editorial board form a policy, criticize and review manuscripts of articles, they are the authors and special columns and editions.

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