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Главный редактор: И.С. Прохоров, к.с.-х.н.

Редакция: И.И. Прохорова (директор), М.А. Королькова, Н.В. Куроптева

Редколлегия: А.И. Беленков, д.с.-х.н., С.Л. Белопухов, д.с.-х.н., Н.М. Белоус, д.с.-х.н., Н.В. Войтович, д.с.-х.н., Л.А. Дорожкина, д.с.-х.н., А.А. Завалин, д.с.-х.н., А.Л. Иванов, д.б.н., Л.В. Кирейчева, д.т.н., Н.В. Клебанович, д.с.-х.н. (Беларусь), А.В. Кураков, д.б.н., С.В. Лукин, д.с.-х.н., С.М. Лукин, д.б.н., С.М. Надежкин, д.б.н., М.М. Овчаренко, д.с.-х.н., А.В. Пасынков, д.б.н., Т.Ф. Персикова, д.с.-х.н. (Беларусь), А.А. Плотников, к.с.-х.н., О.А. Подколзин, д.с.-х.н., Н.И. Санжарова, д.б.н., В.М. Семенов, д.б.н., В.И. Титова, д.с.-х.н.

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Soil fertility and measures of it increase in 2012

Short description of annual report? presented at All-Russian agronomical meeting in Ministry for agricultural producers providing by mineral fertilisers.

Keywords: soil fertility, harvest, sowing areas, mineral fertilisers.

NITROGEN FERTILIZERS: study and recommendations

Efficiency of nitrogen fertilizers for fiber flax depending on the background mineral nutrition on loamy sod-podzolic soil

In the field experiment studied the effect of increasing doses og nitrogen fertilizer on yield of fiber flax, defined removal of trogen, phosphorus and potassium unit of fiber flax. A positive effect of boron and zinc micronutrient fertilizers applies fo crease the recoupment of mineral fertilizers.

Keywords: fiber flax, yielding capacity, fertilizers, removal NPK, recoupment of fertilizers.

Efficiency of nitrogen sourses and diagnostics of winter wheat nitrogen nutrition in field crop rotation on sod-podzolic soil

There has been revealed high effeciency both - of bilogical nitrogen of stubble-root remains of 3 years usage' perennials with different specific composition and that of nitrogen fertilizers in winter wheat' cultivation on seam on medium domesticated sod-podzolic soil in grain-herbal crop rotation with saturated legumes 67%. There have been established the parameters of soil and plants supply with nitrogen for the yield' rate of the 5-6 ton per hectare and the content of protein of 10-12% in grain. There have been also revealed the diagnostic parameters nesessary for the assessment of fertilizers' dozes in early spring nitrogenfertilizing.

Keywords: nitrogen nutrition, winter wheat, nitrogen fertilizers, diagnistics, yield.

Optimization of corn nitrogen nutrition under influence of nitrification inhibitor

The influence of nitrification inhibitor (NI) 3(5)-methylpirazole on soil nitrogen transformation, growth, development, and yield of corn (Zea mays L.) grain were studied. It was found, that application of urea with nitrification inhibitor negatively influenced growth of nitrifiers in the soil. It was recorded a decreaseof nitrate nitrogen ratio in the soil that resulted in prolongation of the urea efficiency. As a result it was harvested addititonally on avarage 0,5-1,0 t/ha (5-10%) of the corn grain.

Keywords: soil nitrogen transformation, nitrification inhibitor, 3(5)-methylpirazole, nitrate leaching, fertilizer N-use efficiency, corn.


Restoration of north caspian pasture lands, subjected to anthropogenic impact

Last years the problems surrounding the use of agricultural lands get a special acuteness. A great deal of good area being in different stages of layland or neglected fields fell out of ective turn-round. The development of the action system of transformation and adaptation of the agricultural lands of arid steppe regions and extensive plough-land in the pasture of drastic improvement by reference fo reasonable and considered methods of ecologocal restoration - is the objective extremely relevant for the South of Russia.

Keywords: anthropogenic influence, anthropogenic loading, old-plowed land, virgin soil, chanding of associations.

Dynamic of 137CS biological mobility in sod-podzolic sandy soil in case of organic fertilizers application

Dynamic of potentially available for plants 137CS chemical forms and its accumulation by farm crops sod-podzolic sandy soil in case of organic ferilizers application is researched. The influence of separately and combined applications of straw, leies (green manure) and cattle manure on decrease of 137CS biological mobility is estimated. Next year after the first application of organic fertilizers part of available radionuclide chemical forms reduced on 5,8% in casw of leies separately treatment, and in combination with straw - on 5,1-5,3%. Organic fertilizers application can decrease 137CS accumulation by farm crops during 2-3 years. Correlation analysis shows inversely proportional dependence beetwen organic matter content exchangeable form of 137CS in soil (r2 = -0,8). Lenear dependence beetwen transfer factor (TF) of 137CS in crops and its exchangeable form content in soil is detected.

Keywords: 137CS, radionuclide, organic fertilizers, biological mobility, crop rotation, sod-podzolic sandy soil, straw, leies (green manure), cattle manure.