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Главный редактор: И.С. Прохоров, к.с.-х.н.

Редакция: И.И. Прохорова (директор), М.А. Королькова, Н.В. Куроптева

Редколлегия: А.И. Беленков, д.с.-х.н., С.Л. Белопухов, д.с.-х.н., Н.М. Белоус, д.с.-х.н., Н.В. Войтович, д.с.-х.н., Л.А. Дорожкина, д.с.-х.н., А.А. Завалин, д.с.-х.н., А.Л. Иванов, д.б.н., Л.В. Кирейчева, д.т.н., Н.В. Клебанович, д.с.-х.н. (Беларусь), А.В. Кураков, д.б.н., С.В. Лукин, д.с.-х.н., С.М. Лукин, д.б.н., С.М. Надежкин, д.б.н., М.М. Овчаренко, д.с.-х.н., А.В. Пасынков, д.б.н., Т.Ф. Персикова, д.с.-х.н. (Беларусь), А.А. Плотников, к.с.-х.н., О.А. Подколзин, д.с.-х.н., Н.И. Санжарова, д.б.н., В.М. Семенов, д.б.н., В.И. Титова, д.с.-х.н.

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Estimation of soil condition in Chelyabinsk region

This article presents an analysis of the soil in Chelyabinsk region for fifty years, the causes of degradation and methods of soil fertility reproduction are determined. During reform period approx. 0,5 millions ha were thrown away therefore their involvement in agricultural use – the most important task. The results of research on fallow lands and their ability to restore fertility are shown. Materials on the use of local natural resources and organic fertilizers to replenish the humus and mineral nutrients are presented.

Keywords: soil fertility, fertilizer, fallow land (deposit), soils, soil physical properties, glauconite, peat, poultry manure, Chelyabinsk region.

Agricultural biologization – profitable source for soil fertility improvement

Results of agriculture biologization measures in Tatarstan republic during 1996-2013 are presented. Role of fallows, organic fertilizers, perennial grasses, straw, siderates, bacterial fertilizers, liming of acid soils for it’s fertility increase has been analyzed. Established that agriculture biologization shouldn’t completely eliminate the use of mineral fertilizers. Missing part of nutrients must be supplemented by the addition of mineral fertilizers with microelements, it should be used locally (in rows at sowing), root top-dressing as a result of the diagnosis, strictly observing the recommended rates and terms for planned harvesting.

Keywords: organic fertilizers, perennial grasses, straw, bacterial fertilizers, acid soils liming, fertility.

Agrochemical aspects of copper dissemination in agrolandscape soils in Kaliningrad region

Total and available (mobile) copper contents in parent rocks and soils of agricultural landscapes in Kaliningrad region are determined. The dependence of the availability of copper in soil of agricultural landscape on the particle size distribution, water-air regime and agrochemical soil properties is presented. Recommendations of copper microfertilizers use are given.

Keywords: copper, content, parent rocks, soil, agrolandscapes.


The database of plant growing technologies at the areas with radioactive contamination produced on scientific researches

Agricultural lands soil pollution by radionuclides due to radiation accidents and incidents in a number of the Russian Federation regions reached levels at which products don’t meet the requirements of sanitary standards or high risk of such products. Selection and justification of the most effective technologies of agricultural production is needed to improve the environmental situation in the contaminated areas and to ensure the production of safe products at the lowest cost. To solve these problems, a database of standard and rehabilitation technology of crop production in the contaminated areas, based on the results of scientific research.

Keywords: database, radioactive contamination, rehabilitation technologies, plant growing.

Research of fertilizer system for winter rye cultivation at polluted soils

Results of scientific researches on studying of effect of mineral and organic fertilizers on productivity and quality of grain of a winter rye are presented in article. It is established that the highest (1,95-2,22 t/ha) productivity of winter rye grain was provided by the system of fertilizer based on application of mineral fertilizers in a dose of N120P90K120 and organic fertilizers (a dung of 20 t and a plowing of root oddments of a lupine). The content of crude protein in grain of a winter rye was high 11,9-12,4%, reliable action of system of fertilizer on the maintenance of macrocells and fat is not revealed. The highest (41 Bq/kg) 137Cs maintenance – is determined at control option. The studied systems of fertilizer authentically reduced the content of radio cesium, providing frequency rate of decrease respectively 1,7-2,6 times.

Keywords: organic and mineral fertilizers, winter rye, productivity, quality of grain, protein, 137Cs.

Agrotechnical and agrochemical receptions efficiency for contaminated forage herb grounds

The estimation of productivity meadow grass mixtures on alluvial meadow soils of the central floodplain of Iput’ river exposed to radioactive contamination. Effect of mineral fertilizers on the background of different soil treatment types was determined. The experimentally determined the optimal dose of mineral fertilizers, their relationship to the greatest receiving feed. Established that improvement of natural forage grasslands increases perennial grasses productivity up to 75%, and wherein the application of fertilizer and 35%. It’s necessary to conduct radical improvement with sowing of meadow grass mixtures and use of mineral fertilizer (N120P60K120) with two cuttings at the forage lands to increase the productivity of pastures and high quality harvesting.

Keywords: mineral fertilizer, processing of the soil, long-term herbs, natural fodder grounds, 137Cs.

Strontium accumulation in the filbert in dependence of soil depth

As a result of long-term researches migration 90Sr in a link of a trophic chain is studied: soil plant. The options of an agrotechnology of cultivation of a filbert reducing accumulation of radionuclide in wood, bark and fruits are defined. Radionuclide arrangement depth in the soil has impact on accumulation it in filbert fruits. Accumulation of 90Sr in the presence of it in surface were higher for 7,3 times than in the presence of it at 50 cm depth.

Keywords: radionuclide, deposition depth, soil, accumulation, filbert.

Increase of agriculturists responsibility for the reproduction of soil fertility reclaimed lands

Measures for strengthening of the land owner responsibility for the use of meliorative funds, providing reproduction of soil fertility meliorated lands, increase yield, economic parameters and sustainability of plant production at meliorated lands are considered. Proposals focused on the introduction of measures to ensure the interest of agricultural producers, to increase the efficiency of meliorated land use, as well as the implementation of measures for strengthening the responsibility of agricultural producers for inefficient use of land fund. The use of developed proposals disseminate information about regulatory and methodical management; safety and efficiency of water-melioration system; the growth of social and environmental impact of the water melioration system on agriculture.

Keywords: reclaimed lands, meliorative funds, inefficient use, responsibility, event.

State ecological expertise of phosphorous fertilizers problems

Ensuring the growing world population with food is impossible without the use of phosphorous fertilizers. In this case, due to the limited availability of phosphate, phosphorous fertilizers are becoming increasingly scarce. Phosphorous components’ enter to water bodies, mainly as a result of erosion runoff from farmland, led to their global pollution and eutrophication. The solution of this problem, before setting them the task of cleaning should include a set of measures to prevent further ingress of these substances in water bodies. The problem is that the state environmental expertise documentation for newly registered phosphorus preparations only partially reduces the risk of contamination of water bodies as well as the main source of potential contamination – previously made unspent phosphorous fertilizers, while the rank – lack of control in monitoring programs for processing regulations soil erosion and runoff.

Keywords: ecological expertise, phosphorous fertilizers, water objects pollution.


Efficiency of organic-mineral fertilizers based on sapropel

The problems of creating new organic fertilizers based on natural sapropel, estimated their performance on degraded soils expressed bot peatlands. Restoration of soil fertility is ensured by the presence of the number-halide structure, increasing the soil sorbing complex and cation exchange capacity, increase the sorption properties, activation of soil microflora, as evidenced by an increase in crop yields.

Keywords: organicmineral fertilizers, sapropel, peat, organic silicon, expressed bot peatlands, barley, harvest.

Foliar application of metal complexions and drug Energy-M on vegetable crops

Studied the effect of foliar make complexonates metals and drug Energy-M vegetable crops in crop rotation in the soil-climatic conditions of non-Chernozem zone of the Russian Federation. It is shown that the metal complexions and drug Energy-M stimulate the growth and development of plants, increase the productivity of vegetable crops, improve product quality, affect the chemical composition of the products, to reduce the accumulation of heavy metals in vegetable crops. Correlation dependence honey content of microelements in plants and biochemical parameters of products.

Keywords: metal complexions, preparation Energy-M, vegetable crops, yield.

Efficiency of the bacterial fertilizers for alfalfa of different varieties

Results of field researches of bacterial fertilizer Rhizotorfin efficiency to alfalfa Medicago varia Mart variety are presented. High tenderness of alfalfa of Guzel variety to seeds inoculation by Rhizotorfin preparation is determined.

Keywords: bacterial fertilizer, Rhizotorfin, inoculation, seeds and varieties of alfalfa, symbiotic system.