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Главный редактор: И.С. Прохоров, к.с.-х.н.

Редакция: И.И. Прохорова (директор), М.А. Королькова, Н.В. Куроптева

Редколлегия: А.И. Беленков, д.с.-х.н., С.Л. Белопухов, д.с.-х.н., Н.М. Белоус, д.с.-х.н., Н.В. Войтович, д.с.-х.н., Л.А. Дорожкина, д.с.-х.н., А.А. Завалин, д.с.-х.н., А.Л. Иванов, д.б.н., Л.В. Кирейчева, д.т.н., Н.В. Клебанович, д.с.-х.н. (Беларусь), А.В. Кураков, д.б.н., С.В. Лукин, д.с.-х.н., С.М. Лукин, д.б.н., С.М. Надежкин, д.б.н., М.М. Овчаренко, д.с.-х.н., А.В. Пасынков, д.б.н., Т.Ф. Персикова, д.с.-х.н. (Беларусь), А.А. Плотников, к.с.-х.н., О.А. Подколзин, д.с.-х.н., Н.И. Санжарова, д.б.н., В.М. Семенов, д.б.н., В.И. Титова, д.с.-х.н.

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Phosphatic conditions of sod-podzolic and grey forest soils in Vladimir regoin

The agroecological monitoring statistics that has been collected for many years helped us to reveal the regularity of agricultural and chemical change of soil condition. The generalization of experimental data determined the optimal levels of mobile phosphorus content for sod-podzolic and gray forest soils. We have studied the soil productivity with different fertilizer content and calculated the recoupment of investments by the crop harvests. We also evaluated the condition of soil fertility in the region.

Keywords: soils, available phosphorus, soil fertility, acidity, mineral fertilizers, yield.

Change in potash regine of ordinary chernozem under the influence of the systematic application of mineral fertilizers

There has been found the action of long-term application of increasing doses of nitrogen, phosphate and potash fertilizers on the changes of potassium regime. There are given the data on the dynamics of the stock exchange of potassium of in the meter profile of ordinary chernozem soil.

Keywords: mineral fertilizers, potash regime of the soil, the residual potassium.

Concentration of trace elementsin arable soils Kemerovo region

Microelement content of main soil types in Kemerovo region has been studied. In case of increasing anthropogenic pressure spatial differentiation of microelements concentration is forming. It’s necessary to know microelement content in soil of specific land for agricultural production.

Keywords: microelements, concentration, soil.

P. Siderococcus activity in iron compounds transformation in irrigated soils

New strains of iron-oxidizing mycoplasmalike bacteria g. Siderococcus have been both isolated from paddy soils in Krasnodar region and identified. Bacterial iron oxidation intensity and influence on redox state of the environment were studied. It has been established the ability of bacteria to form iron-organic complexes, increasing mobility and availability of nutrients in plants.

Keywords: soil, microorganisms, iron, transformation.

Effect of long-term application of mineral fertilizers on the biological activity of the brown forest acid soils at The Black seashore of Russia

The effect of long-term application of mineral fertilizers on the set of indicators of soil biological activity (composition and structure microbiocoenosis, nitrogen-fixing and enzyme activity of soils, biodiversity and functional biological activity) has been studied. Established changes in the composition and condition of microbiocoenosis, inactivation of the enzyme activity of soils, loss of biodiversity of microorganisms and their functional activity in case of increased dozes of mineral fertilizers (N600P180K150).

Keywords: acid brown forest soils, tea plantation, soil biologic activity, application of mineral fertilizers.

Impact of water-soluble organic substance complex-forming ability of organics and crop residues on the multivalent ion mobility

The article shows that soil solutions, water-soluble organic matter of plant residues as well as organics have a complex-forming ability to multivalent cations, significantly increasing their mobility in soil. Application of fertilizers lead to increase of complex-forming ability of soil in relation to the polyvalent metals.

Keywords: soil, fertility, complex-forming ability.


Influence of biopreparations and microfertilizers on corn productivity in foothill zone of RNO-Alania republic

The efficiency of biopreparations under spraying corn seeds on nutritious conditions of soil, structure of yield and corn productivity has been identified.

Keywords: corn, yield, soil, fertility, biopreparations, microfertilizers.

Study of biopreparations based on associative nitrogen fixing microorganisms for spring grain crops cultivation in Astrakhan region

In given clause the basic results of researches on studying influence of new biological products on the basis of associative nitrogen of fixing microorganisms on productivity of summer grain crops in conditions of light-brown solonetzic ground of the Astrakhan area are resulted.

Keywords: microbiological preparations, efficiency, biological productivity, a variant.

The use of microfertilizers in the cultivation of leguminous plants

Application of microelements is an important agrochemical technique in the intensive technology of cultivation of legumi-nous plants in Belarus.
In studies on sod-podzolic soil the application of microelements (manganese, boron, molybdenum) and a liquid complex fertilizer increased the yield of soy beans and asparagus at high rates of quality of commodity output.

Keywords: microelements, intensive technology, leguminous plants.

Izabion – Syngenta fertilizer

Singenta Company registered the preparation Izabion in Russia in 2009. This is an organic fertilizer for potatoes, vegetables, fruit, floral cultures and grape. It is widely applied on most cultures in Europe, Latin America and Asia. There are given Izabion' experimental results in vegetable- and fruit-growing.

Keywords: organic fertilizer, experiment, vegetable and fruit cultures, yield.

Potato productivity in dependence of agricultural background, humic fertilizers and plant growth stimulators

Influence of plant growth regulators and humic fertilizers on potato cultivation in soil-climatic conditions of Nonchernozem region of Russian Federation is studied. Established that silicon-organic preparation Energy-M stimulates growth and development of plants, increases productivity, improves quality and conservability of production simultaneously shows antistress and fungicide activity.

Keywords: agricultural background, plant growth stimulators, silicon-organic preparation Energy-M, potato, yield, harvest, conservability of production.

Regulation of enzyme systems in plant breeding

This article presents classification of phytohormones, their natural representatives and most distributed synthesized analogues. Specific attention has been paid to appraisal of genetic risk of hormones application.

Keywords: phytohormones, classes, growth regulators.


Efficiency of wintering peas depending on application of mineral fertilizers on leached chernozem

In article the two-year information about influence of various kinds and combinations of mineral fertilizers on efficiency of wintering peas of a grade the Phaeton on leached chernozem is presented the Stavropol height the maximal productivity of grain of wintering peas of 2,85 t/ha was got at bringing of complete mineral fertilizer of N60Р60К60, maintenance of albumen in grain was 20,3%, carbohydrates – 5,2%.

Keywords: kinds and combinations of mineral fertilizers, leached chernozem, wintering peas, harvest, quality of product.

Quality of beet roots depending on the nutrition level

There have been analyzed the results of fertilizing systems’ influence on the indicators of fodder beet roots quali ty characteristics. There has been given some characteristics on each system and drawn certain conclusions.

Keywords: fertilizers, fodder beet, roots’ quality characteristics.

The influence of mineral fertilizers application rate and seeding rate on feeding value of spring barley grain

The influence of mineral fertilizers application rate and seeding rate of various sorts of spring barley on crude protein yield and protein’s feed unit content were studied. Assessment of studied elements of technology on aminoacid grain composition of the spring barley’s Gonar sort.

Keywords: mineral fertilizers, sort, crude protein, feeding value, amino acids.


Research of sewage waters application for irrigation in Yemen

Results of researches (2007-2009) of sewage waters from Ibb city (Yemen) influence on red-brown carbonate soil, yield and quality of production. Established that irrigation by sewage waters leads to accumulation of heavy metals in soil and plants, but it concentration lower than permitted limits. Prognosis calculations has showed that copper and cadmium concentration in soil exceeds permitted limits in 10 years, cobalt concentration – 15 years. Recommended cycle application of sewage and ground waters.

Keywords: sewage waters, ground waters, pollution, heavy metals, yield, lucerne, wheat, potato, quality of production.