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Главный редактор: И.С. Прохоров, к.с.-х.н.

Редакция: И.И. Прохорова (директор), М.А. Королькова, Н.В. Куроптева

Редколлегия: А.И. Беленков, д.с.-х.н., С.Л. Белопухов, д.с.-х.н., Н.М. Белоус, д.с.-х.н., Н.В. Войтович, д.с.-х.н., Л.А. Дорожкина, д.с.-х.н., А.А. Завалин, д.с.-х.н., А.Л. Иванов, д.б.н., Л.В. Кирейчева, д.т.н., Н.В. Клебанович, д.с.-х.н. (Беларусь), А.В. Кураков, д.б.н., С.В. Лукин, д.с.-х.н., С.М. Лукин, д.б.н., С.М. Надежкин, д.б.н., М.М. Овчаренко, д.с.-х.н., А.В. Пасынков, д.б.н., Т.Ф. Персикова, д.с.-х.н. (Беларусь), А.А. Плотников, к.с.-х.н., О.А. Подколзин, д.с.-х.н., Н.И. Санжарова, д.б.н., В.М. Семенов, д.б.н., В.И. Титова, д.с.-х.н.

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Свидетельство № 011095.


Results of crop sector activity in 2009 and tasks for 2010


Radiation conditions changes at agriculture after Chernobyl disaster

Presentation of generalized investigations of «Bryanskiy», «Kaluzhskiy», «Tul’skiy», «Plavskiy», «Orlovskiy», «Verkhovskiy» agrochemical and radiological centers. It contains description of radioactive pollution, dynamic of radiation level and main directions of rehabilitation work at polluted areas in regions of the Russian Federation not far from Chernobyl nuclear station.

Keywords: Chernobyl disaster, radiation condition, density of soil pollution, agricultural crops, monitoring, rehabilitation work.

Monitoring of radioactive caesium content in agroecosystems in Kaluga region

There are given many years researches’ results on the dynamics of radioactive Caesium’ 137 content in the soil of the Kaluga region, which have been damaged as a result of the Chernobyl disaster. There are showed the controlling results of crop production according to radiocaesium content, changes of radiological situation, there are also given the data of vertical migration of radionuclides on different types of soil and the results of the field testings of the influence of mineral fertilizers on the accumulation of radiocaesium in green mass of cereals.

Keywords: agroecosystem, radionuclides, pollution, migration, accumulation, soil, agricultural production.

Dynamic of radionuclides content in soil in Kaluga region

Results of ten-year researches of radionuclides content in dependence of soil type, use and mechanical content in polluted areas in Kaluga region. Analysis of Cs(137) content distribution throughout profile of different soil types is presented.

Keywords: pollution, radionuckides, different soil types, dynamic.

Experiment of new meliorants at radiation polluted areas in Bryansk region

Experimental results of granule complex mineral fertilizer elaborated and producing by AIP-Phosphate JSC as meliorant with high sorption ability. This ability allows to sorb radionuclides and decrease it biological mobility and also gradually make available nutrients and provide long-time activity.


Application of Siliplant for reducing pesticide pressure and increase of productivity of potato

The expediency of use of new organosilicic fertilizer for reducing pesticide pressure at cultivation of a potato and increase yield has been shown.

Keywords: fertilizer, Siliplant, pesticides, potato, harvest.

Research of organosilicic preparation Energy-M

Influence of new form of organosilicic growth regulator Energy-M on productivity and quality of vegetable crops and potato is studied. It’s shown that Energy-M preparation increase yield of vegetable crops for 15-40%, potato – 30-45%.

Keywords: Energy-M preparation, vegetable crops, potato, productivity.

Application of growth regulators of new generation for vegetable crops

Study of growth regulators of new generation: organosilicic (Silacin), synthetic analogue of auxin (Krezacin) and mixture of it (Energy-M) for vegetable crops. Established that seeds wetting and non-root top-dressings stimulates growth, development and adaptation of plant, acclimation of seedlings, fruit formation, increase yield, improve quality.

Keywords: vegetable crops, solanaceous, growth regulators, yield, quality, Energy-M, Silacin, Krezacin.

Efficacy of phytoregulator Epine extra and microelement preparation Citovit in sheltered ground

Research of combine application of Epin extra – synthetic analogue of natural 24-epinbrassinolide and chelated microelement complex – Citovit for greenhouse cucumber. It’s very important to harvest stable yield of cucumber in sheltered ground in conditions of Karelia republic.

Keywords: phytoregulator, Epin extra, microelements, Citovit preparation, treatment, sheltered ground, vegetable crops, harvest.

Estimation of efficiency of Epine extra and Zircon preparations influence on growth and productivity of carrot

Epin-ekstra and Zircon – are ecological preparations, safe for man and environment, which posses a wide range of physiological action: first, they take part in the hormonal adjusting of growth and development of plants during the whole period of their ontogenesis; secondly, they play an important role in adaptation of plants to the unfavorable terms of growing, what provides the increase of the productivity.

Keywords: Epin-ekstra, Zircon, growth’ regulators, plants’ biometric parameters, index of leaves’ surface, quality of products, productivity.

Application of Zircon preparation for potato farming

The work summarizes the results on «Zircon» growth regulator application’ research. It has been stated that the best results are obtained while seed tubers are being treated with the preparation and the treatment is being repeated on leafy tops in the period of shooting.

Keywords: potato, growth regulator zircon, treatment’ terms, yields, quality.


Perspectives of organic wastes application for increase of soil fertility in Altai region

Perspectives of organic wastes application as non-traditional fertilizers for increase of soil fertility and improvement of ecological situation in Altai region are shown in article. Computer system providing decisions for types and doze of sewage sludge and animal sludge application for effective and ecologically safe activity is elaborated and tested.

Keywords: organic wastes, non-traditional fertilizers, sewage sludge, animal sludge, fertility, harvest, computer system.

Compost application for floriculture based on sewage sludge

Compost, got as a result of four-years’ reciprocal action of the sediment of waste waters with sawdust with the participation of microbiological community, can be used for ornamental plants’ growing. Control over the content of heavy metals in the environment should be considered an important condition of compost’ usage.

Keywords: sediment of waste waters, compost, heavy metals, ornamental plants.


Induced phytoremediation as an extensive method of contaminated soil and grounds restoration

There was studied the influence of different doses of chelat forming agent Trylon B on the phytoremediation ability of the white mustard (Sinapis alba L.) and a mix of lawn grasses. The conducted researches showed that accumulation and removing of Pb out of contaminated ground by plants increased significantly under the influence of chelat forming agent Trylon B. It was found out that efficiency of phytoremediation is increasing accordingly with that of the dose of chelat forming agent.

Keywords: chelate forming agent, phytoremediation, lawn grass, polluted ground, method of induced phytoextraction.